Identillect Technologies launches beta version of Microsoft® Office 365™ simple mobile experience
Thursday, Jul 13, 2017
Delivery Trust™ Office 365 superior mobile experience built for the simplest secure mobile communication on the market

Identillect Technologies Corp. (the "Company" or "Identillect"), a trusted leading provider of SaaS email security, announced the beta release of their superior mobile experience with the fully integrated Delivery Trust™ plugin for Microsoft® Office 365™ (“O365”). The new Delivery Trust™ cloud-based mobile experience provides a simple and superior level of connectivity for regulatory compliance and the protection of mobile business professionals. This simple experience is critical for the growing needs of businesses migrating to Microsoft® Office 365™.

A pressing issue in the secure email space as more businesses move to O365 is the inability to incorporate plugins to O365’s native mobile app. Identillect has solved this issue by developing software to detect and determine what content requires securing and then routes it through Delivery Trust™, ensuring compliance and security along its path of travel.

Identillect CEO, Todd Sexton comments, “Securing mobile communication has always had innate challenges when it comes to usability, Identillect is very proud to provide one of the simplest secure mobile experiences on the market today. This seamless integration with O365 allows business and medical professionals to communicate securely without additional steps to ensure the protection of client information.”  

The adoption of cloud-based productivity and email services offer enterprises many advantages in cost, connectivity, and productivity. It also increases the risk of interception, which compromises digital information’s integrity. This is where the use of O365 and other email services works in favor of Identillect, and is being witnessed by the uptake of Identillect’s Office 365™ Delivery Trust™ email security solutions.

The cybersecurity market is one of the fastest growing markets in technology.  Breaches involving accidental email/internet exposure of information was the second most common type of breach incident reported by the identity theft center. Global spending will cumulatively exceed $1 billion dollars over the next 5 years, with cybersecurity damages predicted to reach $6 trillion globally by 2021 reported by CSO online.  The need for advanced cyber security tools to prevent data breaches will only continue to increase with an estimated 4 billion online requiring security by 2020.

About Identillect

Identillect Technologies is the leading provider of email encryption service Delivery Trust™, empowering enterprises of all sizes to protect their business and their client’s critical information against cyber security attacks.

Delivery Trust™ is an award winning, multi-platform plug-in, which gives users complete control of their emails, for one low price, one simple integration, complies with all regulations and most importantly provides peace of mind.

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