EY launches suite of mobile applications to improve the audit process and support audit quality
Monday, Dec 18, 2017
EY Canvas, the EY global audit platform, has enhanced its capability with the launch of a suite of mobile applications following extensive testing of beta versions involving more than 20,000 audit professionals globally. The trio of mobile applications further supports EY audit professionals' ambition to providing high quality audits by streamlining communications and increasing connectivity. This added knowledge allows audit teams to focus on areas of the audit that require more insight and judgment.

EY Canvas centralizes the way EY audits are provided to organizations. Now in its fourth audit cycle, EY Canvas operates in the largest private cloud in the audit profession and is a single, global approach to innovative audit technology. It seamlessly and securely connects more than 80,000 auditors to organizations, using a single audit methodology globally and is inclusive of automation and analytics capabilities.

The EY Canvas Mobile Application Suite supports various elements of the audit process:

  • EY Canvas Engage allows audit professionals to view documents and sign-off on audit evidence associated to tasks directly from an auditor's mobile device to support enhanced workflow automation and meeting critical deadlines. The application also allows auditors to capture audit evidence via the mobile device's camera and securely upload it directly to EY Canvas.
  • EY Canvas Inventory provides greater flexibility to auditors when performing tests of inventory counts, allowing them to record the counts through the app – and upload them to EY Canvas immediately if they have an internet connection or once a connection is available. EY Canvas Inventory allows audit professionals to take pictures of the items they count, or for example the warehouse they visit, as audit evidence, and will soon be integrated with the recently announced EY drone capabilities.
  • EY Canvas Pulse provides increased visibility into the audit engagement status, timelines and team performance, reducing the burden of administrative tasks and allowing auditors to focus more on the audit itself. It provides real-time updates for both audit teams and organizations.
Hermann Sidhu, EY Global Assurance Digital Leader, says:

"The EY Canvas Mobile Application Suite is driving radical transformation in the way an audit is supported. The primary function of the EY global audit platform is to reinforce the provision of audit quality, enhancing confidence in the capital markets and meeting the evolving needs of business, regulators and investors. By providing all EY audit professionals with a suite of mobile apps in a globally connected environment, we deliver a more meaningful audit experience for our people and organizations."

The apps are available for EY audit professionals globally for iOS and Android users on both tablets and smartphones. 

For more information, please visit: http://www.ey.com

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