Systems and machines controlled, monitored and maintained from anywhere in the world
Thursday, May 18, 2017
An Industry 4.0-ready wireless controller that allows machines and systems to be remotely controlled and monitored is available from WAGO.

Wireless data transmissions are used for communication with machines and systems in difficult to access areas, such as those in the renewable energy sector or in mobile applications. As such, the PFC200 controller includes a 3G modem to connect to the mobile phone network to control, monitor, maintain and run diagnostics on decentralised machines and systems anywhere in the world, so long as network coverage is available.

Accessing the controller via the Internet saves time and money by centralising control and monitoring capabilities, with modern data networks taking over the routing, communicating and delivery of data packets.

3G modem

The PFC200 controller fits into the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 and is equipped with a 3G modem with standard (mini) SIM card. The only requirements for the mobile communication functions are a valid mobile phone contract and a SIM card. The PFC200 provides wireless GPRS Internet connectivity and allows bidirectional communication via SMS. The settings for the mobile communication network can be configured directly from the web-based management of the controller.

The controller

With 600 MHz of processing speed, the PFC200 is capable of handling the automation of individual machines through to complex applications and algorithms. It has low energy consumption and passive cooling, and with no battery and no moving parts it is maintenance-free. A wide variety of fieldbus configurations along with specialist I/O modules make it suitable for a diverse range of machine and process automation applications.

Secure connection via OpenVPN and IPsec

The 3G modem allows error-free distance monitoring and secure data transmission, ensuring data cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties. When accessed via the mobile network, the controller sets the encryption using a virtual private network (VPN). Different protocols such as OpenVPN and IPsec can be used depending on operator preference. The VPN tunnel transmits all data encrypted at SSL and TLS.

Telecontrol protocols

In addition to the standard version, WAGO's PFC200 is available with an extended temperature operating range from −20 °C to +60 °C and as a telecontrol variant. The PFC200 telecontrollers support IEC 60870-5-101, -103 and -104, IEC 61850, IEC 61400-25 protocols, as well as DNP3.

XTR variants

eXTReme variants of the PFC200 are available with even higher temperature and vibration tolerances for the most demanding applications. The XTR range can operate from -40 °C up to +70 °C, with vibration protection up to 5 g and shock proofing up to 15 g (EN 61373). Spring pressure connection technology guarantees safe and secure connections even in the harshest operating environments.

Two Ethernet ports

The 750-8207 PFC200 features two Ethernet ports and an RS-232/RS-485 interface for seamless network integration. An integrated network switch enables easy bus topology implementation. Additionally, an integrated webserver provides the user with online configuration options and status information accessible from anywhere.

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